Friday Evening Meeting Rules

1)Physical Boundaries: MCC Members and guests are limited to the first floor of the facility. Members who are found roaming the building are subject to having their membership terminated.

2)Play Locations: members and guests may only play on tables in defined areas. If you are in question of defined play areas, see the Tournament Director.

3)Visitor Conduct: no cursing, fighting, running, or playing around is allowed.

4)Children: under 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult when attending a Club Meeting. Adults will be expected to supervise their children during the entire duration of the meeting. Adults may not drop children off at a MCC meeting and return to pick the child up at the end of the meeting.

5)External entertainment: music that can be heard by others is not permitted. No playing of non-chess games.

6)Dress Code: Shoes, shirt, and proper hygiene are required for all Club Meetings.

7)Noise Control: Members will be expected to refrain from talking when in the presence of tournament games. Likewise, Members will be expected to minimize the volume of their conversations when in the vicinity of tournament games.

8)Food & Beverages: there are no vending machines available to us at the facility. Members and guests may bring food so long as they clean up after themselves and do not leave a mess.

9)Dissension: between club-members will not be tolerated. MCC Members are expected to be respectful of other members. Members that create dissension within the Memphis Chess Club may be reprimanded by the Board.

Violations: frequent abuse or major violations may result in a member being reprimanded or having their membership terminated.