The Chess World loses a friend.
Jack E. Smith, Jr.
Jack E. Smith, Jr. passed away Sunday July 4, 2004 at 10:30 p.m.  Long time friend and past City Champion, Charles "Rick" Herbers, found out the sad news that Jack had died after substaining injuries from a car wreck in late April.

Jack was a true chess friend to many players and started coming to the Memphis Chess Club in 1972 when Bobby Fischer won the World title.  The club at that time had over 100 members and enjoyed constant growth with new players.

Over the years, Jack played many good games and reached Expert in the late 70's with a rating of 2034.  He was also a Postal Master from the USCF during that time.  In 1974 he helped publish "Selected Games of Hunter Weaks" as a Games Editor.  He served as President of the Memphis Chess Club and Vice-President for the Tennessee Chess Association (TCA) during the 70-80's.  Jack was a  USCF tournament director as well.

Jack beat many strong chess players: Paul Kuroda, Marty Appleberry, David Timberlake, and many others.

Go to this page for Jack's games .

We will all miss him as "Bronstein" on the Internet Chess Club (ICC) where Jack was a player and tournament director. 
Jack "Bronstein" managed 967 tourneys in nearly 4 years.

On August 12, 2004 a small memorial was held  at the Botanic Garden  in Memphis for Jack.   Mahlon Smith, Randall Senn, Joy Wellman were a few of Jack's chess friends that attended the event.  A ballon with Jack's picture was released from a  bridge over a small lake that contained many multi-colored carp and other fish.  Many pictures  from the 1974 period of the Memphis Chess Club were on display at the Garden Center with some of the photos showing Jack standing proudly in front of the famous Memphis Chess Club banner.

There will be a second memorial tournament on March 25, 2006.