Pawn Power 15
May 18, 2019 
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Site:  IBEW, 1870 Madison Avenue, Memphis TN 38104.

Three sections: USCF Rated!

Open: ($500 b/20): $200-150-75, U1800: $75. 4-SS, G/75; d5

U1500: ($375 b/20): $150-100-50, U1200: $75. 4-SS, G/75; d5

Open and U1500 Entry Fee: $30 by 05/11, $40 at door; MCC Mbrs $30 anytime. Masters: free; Round Schedule: 9-12:30-3-5:30.

U1000 Trophy Section: 4SS, G/45 d5;
Entry Fee: $15. Trophies for top 3 overall, top U800 and top U600.
Round 1 at 9am, next rounds ASAP.

Mail entries: MCC, P.O. Box 17864, Memphis, TN 38187.

Onsite registration (05/18): 7:30am-8:45am. Please, bring chess sets, boards, and clocks.

Use PayPal to join up to registration time to get reduced Entry Fee!
Entry Fees