Quick Rating Enhancer #2 April 23, 1999
The Top Finishers in Quick Rating Enhancer#2 April 23, 1999
5.5 Doug Eckert
4.5 Roland Piekorz
3.5 Javier Cepeda
3.0 Greg Krog, Edgar Davison, Keith Rice,Ben Crom, Allan Bogle, Marc Schatten, Evan Mah
2.5 Carlos Sims
Congrats to Doug and all the other 17 players that played!

Next week on April 30 , Please bring chess clocks and sets to help snap the tournament up a bit.
Memphis Nashville Match May 15, 1999
If you are interested in participating in the Match with Nashville by observing the game that starts at 10am on the Internet Chess Club. Log on through www.chessclub.com and use the Java Coffee House interface. After logging in : key in "ob JavaChessMan".
Spring Quick #2

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