Mid-South and Other Events

November 30 - December 01, 2019   60th Mid-South Open

5SS, G/90;+30. Site: IBEW Local 474, 1870 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38104. Three Sections: Open, U1700, and U1000. $1700 Prizes are based on 45 paid entries in top 2 sections.  Open $550, $300, $200. U1700 $350, $200, $100. Top Sections Entry Fee: $40 early by Nov 16, $50 late online and $60 at door.  Rounds: Saturday: 9am-1:30pm-6pm; Sunday: 9am-2pm.  U1000 Trophy Section: 4SS, G/45 d5; Saturday only; Entry Fee: $15. Trophies for top 3 overall, top U800 and top U600. Round 1 at 9am, next rounds ASAP (as soon as possible). On-site Registration: November 30, 2019 - 7:30am-8:45am. Send mail entries to: MCC, 7435 Northwind Cove, Memphis, TN 38125.This event is USCF rated.

Free Chess Tournament at the Library!: December 28, 2019

Site: Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library - Memphis Public Library, 3030 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38111; No USCF renewals offered at tournament site.  Format: 3 Sections: Open, U1000, and Unrated!  4 Round Swiss, G/35;d5 (game in 35 minutes with five second delay);  This event is USCF Dual rated (Regular and Quick ratings).  Round Times:  10:35am and following rounds ASAP.  Special Prizes: tba; Registration: begins at 10am.  Please, bring chess sets, boards, and clocks. Entry Fee: Free!  Newcomers,  who want to learn how to play chess, are welcome! 

Memphis Candidates 2020: January 04-05, 2020

Site: IBEW, 1870 Madison Ave, Memphis TN 38104
5SS, G/90;+30.  Sections: Open and Under 1500. Entry Fee $30 by 12/28; $40 after. On-site registration 01/04 8:15-8:45 AM. Rounds: Sat 9:00-1:30-6:00; Sun 9:00-1:30. Top 5 Open players qualify for City Championship Feb 1-2 with reigning City Champion Alex King. Top 6 U1500 qualify for City Amateur Championship Feb 1-2. All pre-registered players qualify for a 50% discount on pre-registration for Memphis Open (and U1500) Feb 1-2.  Use PayPal to join!

Jan. 18-19   Tennessee Winter Open
US Chess Grand Prix Points: 15
5SS, G/90 d5. Henry Horton State Park, Chapel Hill, TN. $$Gtd. $2000 Prize fund. Sections: Kings (Open) $350-275-225,
1st 2000-2199 $150, Top U2000 $75 Rooks (U1800) $250-175-125, T1400-1599 $100, Top U1200-1399 $75, Top U1200 $70,
Top UNR $50-30 Knights (U1000) Trophies top 5, Top U600. Adult UNR must play in Rooks* or Open section.
(Jan sup) EF: $55 by 01/11 ($65 at site), UNR $30 ($40) *(UNR prize in Rooks only or 1-3 in Kings), Knights $20 ($30),
IM/GM Free entry ($55 taken from prize of 225 or more). On site reg. Sat 8:00-9:15 CST, USCF and TCA Dues req.
OSA Rds.: Sat. 10:00, 2:30, 7:00, Sun. 10:00, 2:00 Hotel: Henry Horton State Resort Lodge (ask for chess rate).
Enter on-line at TNCHESS.US (by 01/15) or mail to: Chris Prosser, 733 Long Hunter Ct., Nashville, TN 37217
or RegionIII@aol.com, 615-426-7105.