If a player needs to postpone a game, first email or call Gary Pylant (gpylant@gmail.com or 901-359-8616).  Schedule rounds have priority over all other unplayed games.  All postponed games must be played by the following Wednesday.  Exceptions can be made if unexpected things happen.  3 days notice is the standard for postponing a game.  If a player can not make the scheduled round on Friday, leave a message on Gary's answering machine 901-384-8012 or call his cell phone at 901-359-8616.  The postponing player should try and play at his opponent's place if it is quiet and has proper lighting.  A neutral site is ok, but try to arrange a time and a place as soon as possible if you can not make the Friday scheduled round.
This page was last updated on: January 22, 2012
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