Club Information

Meeting Location: We hold weekly meetings on Wednesday nights from 7:30pm to ? at The Connection Tutoring Center,  4726 Poplar Ave #7, Memphis, TN 38117.

Tournament Directors (USCF certified)

Gary Pylant (Associate National Tournament Director)
Alexander B. King (Local Tournament Director)
Anthony Maneclang (Local Tournament Director)
Jonathan Wade (Local Tournament Director)
Clay Polk (Club Tournament Director)
Peter Pritchett (Club Tournament Director)
Marshal Hayes (Club Tournament Director)
Chuck Wenzler(Club Tournament Director)
Mike Salzgeber(Local Tournament Director)

Club Dues
Club dues are $30, $20 (under 19) per year. Family memberships are $50 per year. Members enjoy reduced entry fees into all weekly club events and discounts on club weekend tournaments. If you are interested in joining the Memphis Chess Club, you will need to submit an application for consideration.

If you are interested in attending any Memphis Chess Club meetings as a guest, you should contact a Club Officer or Board Member to receive an invitation. Please visit the officers link on the website’s front page for a list of all officers and board members. Club Meetings are limited to MCC Members and guests. Guests of the MCC will be allowed 2 visits. After the 2nd visit, you will be expected to apply for MCC membership. All membership applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for approval. If your application is rejected, you will be refunded any prepaid amounts.

Most of the events the Club holds are United States Chess Federation (USCF) rated tournaments. As a result, chess players are required to join the national association if they want to participate in most events. The Memphis Chess Club can assist with signing you and your family up with the USCF. The benefit of playing rated tournaments is the player will be able to play in any tournament held across the country assuming their dues are current. Likewise, rated tournaments allow chess players the ability to track their performance through an established personal rating. The USCF membership is a gateway to connecting with the US chess community. Online rating of events is now available from the USCF. This means that you can see your rating updated after each Friday club event on Saturday! Weekend events will also be rated in a timely manner as well by Monday or late Sunday night.

The Memphis Chess Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization that primary relies on membership dues and donations to meet its financial obligations. Individuals that are interested in promoting chess within the Memphis community are encouraged to donate. Your donation should be mailed to: Memphis Chess Club Inc, PO Box 17864, Memphis TN  38187-0864.

As a non-profit organization, the Memphis Chess Club is actively involved with promoting chess throughout Shelby County, Tennessee. The MCC is involved in a large number of special projects that promote within the community. The MCC encourages seniors, teenagers, and children to become involved with chess. The MCC reaches out to both the community’s seniors and youth. If your organization is interested in the Memphis Chess Club directing a chess tournament, or providing a lecture for your organization, you should submit a request to the President.  

Members that desire to become involved with the operations and growth of the chess club should contact the President. The Club always has projects that it can assign to interested helpers. The Memphis Chess Club provides individuals with an opportunity to become involved with project work that is associated with a non-profit organization. The Club can provide individuals with valuable work experience for developing their careers. The Club will attempt to assign you with projects that are in alignment with your abilities.

Scholastic Players
The Memphis Chess Club welcomes scholastic players to participate in its events. We firmly believe that commingling scholastic players and adult players produces stronger scholastic players. Some of the strongest scholastic chess players in the city will participate in the Club's tournaments. The Club has created an environment where chess beginners can engage and share ideas with other players.

The Memphis Chess Club provides their own workshops through out the year. These workshops are designed to provide experienced players with opportunities to improve their skill level. In addition, local firms provide chess camps throughout the year.

This page was last updated on: January 21, 2018