Welcome to the Memphis Chess Club website. We hold weekly meetings on Wednesday from 5:30pm to 8:15pm at Holiday Deli & Ham (Poplar at 585 Erin Drive Memphis, TN 38117).

Mike Barton Memorial 6: September 17, 2016.  Sign up now by using PayPal.  The Barton family has donated $1000 for this event.  On site registration begins at  7:30am.  Rounds begin at 9am and others follow ASAP.  Please, bring chess sets, boards, and clocks.  Thank you!

End of Summer Blitz Special Open on August 24, 2016 is won by Devon Puckett.  Congratulations to Devon and thanks to all who played!

Free Chess Tournament at the Library! is  won in the Open Section by Nitin Baligar on tiebreaks over Jonathan Mehrotra.  Joseph Lei and Jason Shen win the U1000 Section on even tiebreaks.  Gary Pylant wins the Unrated  Section.  Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all who played!

Pre Labor Day Weekend Blitz Open is August 31, 2016.  Games start at 7pm.

Check out our other upcoming events: National Chess Day!: October 08, 2016, Free Chess Tournament at the Library!:  October 29, 2016,  57th Mid-South Open  November 26-27, 2016, and Free Chess Tournament at the Library!:  December 17, 2016. 

Enjoy Dwight Weaver's blog on Edward Lasker in Memphis-Roaring 1920's Western Championship.  See Dwight's wonderful new edition of Chess Advocate!

Game of the Day is back!  The following game is from Mike Barton Memorial 2 in 2012.  See games from recent events.

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