Welcome to The Memphis Chess Club Inc. website.  We hold weekly meetings on Wednesday from 7:15pm to ? at The Connection Tutoring Center,  4726 Poplar Ave #7, Memphis, TN 38117 (back of building).  Join our mailing list for club news.  For more site info: See Fyler!

Free Chess Tournament at the Library!:  November 25, 2017 (Note: Format has changed.)
Site: Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library,  3030 Poplar Avenue Memphis, TN 38111; No USCF renewals offered at tournament site.  Format: 3 Sections: Open, U1000, and Unrated!  4 Round Swiss, G/35;d5 (game in 35 minutes with five second delay);  This event is USCF Dual rated (Regular and Quick ratings).  Round Times:  10:35am and following rounds ASAP.  Special Prizes:  Top Open and U1000 get free entry into Memphis Candidates 2018:  January 20-21, 2018; Registration: begins at 10am.  Please, bring chess sets, boards, and clocks. Entry Fee: Free!  Newcomers,  who want to learn how to play chess, are welcome!

58th Mid-South Open is won by Ron Burnett in the Open Section.  Caleb Taylor wins the U1700 Section, while  Anand Viswanathan is first in the U1000 Section.  Congratulations to Ron, Caleb, and Anand and thanks to all who played!  Special thanks go to Jeff Bulington and his students from Mississippi!

November 29, 2017: G/60;d5, Casual chess,  Chess 960, and Bughouse Night.  Registration begins at 7:05pm.  Round one starts at 7:30pm. The G/60;d5 game is  USCF Dual rated.  Please, bring chess clocks, sets, and boards.  Thank you!

Do you need chess lessons?  See our approved list of chess coaches or instructors. 

Make plans now for Free Chess Tournament at the Library! on December 16, 2017.  And don't forget Memphis Candidates 2018 on January 20-21, 2018!   2018 City, Amateur, and Reserve Championships: March 17-18, 2018

Memphis Chess League Standings are posted for 2017!

Enjoy Dwight Weaver's blog on "The Pillsbury Rebels".   See the latest issue of Chess Advocate!

Game of the Day returns!  The following game is from Mid-South Open in 2017.  See games from recent events.
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